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Want To Build Fast?

There is so much to do in order to get an application developed. Just getting the essentials together like payments and emails is an enormous undertaking. That's why FastPocket exists. To give you the essentials so you can focus on what makes your app unique.


FastPocket includes Stripe for simple payment so that you can get profitable quickly. All your products in Stripe automatically syncronize with Pocketbase meaning no additional work for you


FastPocket includes components to help you get styling your codebase really quickly. We use TailwindCSS, DaisyUI and Modified FastPocket components in order to fit the look and feel of your brand


We know how annoying it is to setup email and that is why we provide email templates as well as frameworks for building your own emails for signup verifications and more


We provide Pocketbase + stripe build templates to ship your product with no hassle. This includes login and payment for reoccuring and one time transactions

You Will Hate FastPocket If...

You Like Useless Features

When every feature is a treasure, even the ones that don't seem to do much.

You Like Debugging

In the realm of code, where only the time rich heroes are the ones who can fix the bugs.

You love solving solved problems

Where every challenge is a puzzle, and the key is already in your hand.

You hate shipping fast

In the race of development, where the finish line is not the destination.

You love process more than dev

Where the journey is more important than the destination.

You hate fast profits

In the world of finance, where the race to the bottom is not the goal.


I think its a good idea

Mustafa Hanif

Indie Hacker


I know it's worth it and very good

Timmy D Turner

Indie Hacker

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        asked questions

        Yes, as long as you're comfortable with React & NextJS. Libraries are independent. You can use SendGrid instead of Mailer, LemonSqueezy instead of Stripe, or Supabase instead of Pocketbase, for instance.

        1.The NextJS starter with all the boilerplate code you need to run an online business: a payment system, a database, login, a blog, UI components, and much more.

        2. Documentation that helps you set up your app from scratch

        3. Access to deployment templates to self host your app for free

        It's more than just a template. You can copy/paste sections to build your site quickly, like a pricing section, an FAQ, and even an entire blog. You also get a bunch of UI components like buttons, modals, popovers, etc. The NextJS starter also comes with handy tools you need to run an online business—payment processing, emails, SEO, etc.

        Many hosting platforms, like Vercel, let you host a project for free (front-end + back-end) and we give you Pocketbase templates to host your backend for free on or PocketHost — so you can launch for first app for $0/month.

        FastPocket is all about giving you control over how you host your app. You won't be locked into vendors when you scale and you get to choose how much or how little you spend. We give you deployment templates and hosting options (that you can migrate from when you grow)