Helping Developers Build

In 2023 I built Sign365 using pocketbase and setup an open source library to help people get setup with Stripe + Pocketbase. As 2024 has come around I have had more and more requests for applications and features on the existing code. I built a codebase that would save me 20 hours + in the bootstrapping time to get my applications ready. That is why I had to build FastPocket an easy solution to give everyone a head start.

After reflecting on the challenges that developers face building their applications, I've seen that there will never be one codebase that suits all developers. But I am sure for those who are opensourcing, self-hosting and want to spin up an application quickly they will be able to do it using FastPocket

I am taking all of the knowledge that I have gained across 20+ different React projects and combining it into 1 single codebase. It includes personal philosophies on styling, theming and building and will help indie-hackers, startups make complex technical decisions that have been battle tested in enterprise code

So I've committed to building FastPocket to help you build your projects faster to get paid.

FastPocket will get you producing more with less development.

I know that your next project will grow exponentially because of the work I have already done.

Ready to launch your next product?

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